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October PubClub Monthly Meeting

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Peggy P Edwards, President and Founder

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Peggy P Edwards is President and founder of the PubClub, now celebrating its tenth year. She envisioned and created Village Stories – now in its eighth edition, Storytelling in September and AuthorForum. She is motivated by the belief that "we are our stories. We may not all be prepared to write a book, but we all have a story to publish."

September 21, 2-3:30 pm, Zoom ~ Sunshine Lutey, MC, Storytelling in September

October 19, 2-5 pm, Clubhouse 2 ~ Scott Galasso, MC, Autumn Author Forum

November 16, 2-3:30 pm, Zoom, Cheryl Svensson, Why Write Your Life Story?

December 6, 2-4:30 pm, Clubhouse 5, PubClub Holiday Party

The PubClub of Laguna Woods Village ~ PUBCLUBLW

The PubClub of Laguna Woods Village includes established and first-time authors, award-winning writers, poets, and storytellers, all of whom share a common interest in understanding the world of publishing. Among us are authors of memoirs, biographies, humor, poetry, mystery novels, children's books, sci-fi, and more. Some authors use traditional publishing methods; some self-publish their work; and others want a few copies for family and friends. We believe that, even if we may not have a book in us, all of us has at least one story to tell, and we want to help each other tell it - and to then tell more. To join the Publishing Club, download our membership form below.*

*Membership is open