Allan Rankin

During a fifty-year career in telecommunications, Allan Rankin advanced from Bell Canada installer to Silicon Valley microwave technician, production manager and sales manager. His career continued into the latest digital technologies of the internet, while traveling the length and breadth of North America.

In 2017 he wrote his memoir, Phone Man, followed by America – 2020, a twisted story of being both, a current historical novel, and Fifties style detective story. In 2021 he wrote El Matador, where his two detectives, Pat Gunn and Teresa Tornodo, deal with a drug cartel messing with one of America’s greatest problems: Harmful and illegal drugs.

Rankin’s books point out the flaws of people, and America itself—the worst, and the best of us—with humor and optimism for the future. In the end it’s always the best who win.

In School Days, the same two detectives deal with another major problem—school shootings. Hundreds of children and adults die every year from this seemingly unstoppable travesty. Thousands of family members, teachers, friends and relatives may survive but never recover. Those designated to protect them often suffer the same results. This tale relates a new twist from the viewpoint of the victims themselves. Tragic events turn into a love story with hope on hold for Lost Love, in School Days.