Bragging Rights

Hard Work Pays Off

Jerry Schur

Jerry Schur announced on August 15 his recent publication of "Bestseller, I Hope." As the cover states, this is "A Rainbow of Short Fiction." We are looking forward to hearing more about his recent publication at our August 17th meeting. Congratulations, Jerry!


The PubClub congratulates Linda Carlson on the official publication of her debut historical fantasy novel. Step through the portal of the jade ring and witness its magic as it unites the same two lovers spanning several centuries. The historical fantasy begins in the great forest in the center of the world where the lovers vow to find each other in their next lives. The male spirit, pulled away to be reincarnated as Lu Bān, a desperate orphan, encounters a girl destined to be reborn as the beautiful daughter of a man who learns the ring’s power and covets it for the prestige, wealth, and power it can bring him. Can Lu Bān remain faithful to his mantra, “Do good deeds always or suffer in your next life,” or succumb to a power-hungry lord who strives to control him or the murderous warlord who tests his moral compass? Will he betray his beliefs, forfeiting his soulmate, wife, and family?

Dennis Glauber

Congratulations to 95-year-old Dennis Glauber who announced the July 24, 2022 publication of his book, IN MY ANECDOTAGE. Much of the content has previously been published in the PubClub's Village Stories over the years. In his Dedication, he acknowledged former PubClub member, Miranda McPhee, friend Marilyn Layton, and his wife for their inspiration, assistance and encouragement. He further acknowledged the support of Peggy Edwards and the PubClub as a whole.


Jim made the front page of the Globe on July 21, 2022, in a captivating article, To Hell and Back. Jim shares how he turned his Vietnam War memories into a captivating book, Not Paid Eleven Cents and Hour to Think, along with paintings from his experiences.