Norma Sadler

Norma began writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction while a university professor at Boise State University. Some of her ideas came from hearing friends talk; she then incorporated those ideas into her stories. One short story, Shadows of Children, takes place in Mexico, came together with three brief scenes written on an airplane napkin, and was published online. Having known endurance riders in the West, Norma created a story for her blog, Dead Goat in the Water Hole, about an endurance rider who is too attached to her horses. In another, seeing a rug from Aunt Elsie in her sister's home, the story became Aunt Elsie's Rug.

Currently, Norma has three works on Amazon: Krystal’s Journal: Not a Romance, a young adult rites of passage novel, Flight of the Swan, about a ballet dancer, who has technical skill but no emotional intensity in her dance, and a book of poetry, Chasing the Past & Other Poems. Her present work, Shatter the Moon, is a novel that takes place in Oklahoma.

Norma’s blog can be found at Her books on Amazon have her paintings as covers.