S Ramagopal

Having peered into some secrets of life from microbe to man, a retired scientist now, Ramagopal is engaged in teasing out the elusive and evolving I & Time in prose and verse, in English and Tamil. Published poetry books: Pausing Moves (ISBN 81-8157-408-7 WritersWorkshop Kolkata), Avaloruthi (ISBN81-8345-001-6) & Pudu Neelam (ISBN 81-8345-000-8) (Kavitha Publications Chennai). Contact ramagopal@msn.com

Briefly, Pausing Moves and Pudu Neelam (New Blue) address American life and global themes during the last decade of the millennium, and Avaloruthi (She-is-One) addresses the concerns of India in the first decade of its independence.